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All the Small things 2/3

Title: All the Small Things 2/3
Character(s)/Pairing(s): eventual Puck/Kurt, Mercedes, Finn, glee members, Burt, Carole, Blaine
Genre: AU
Warning: Mpreg,Language
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not my guys, I don't know them, I'm just using their names and places. I make No profit on this.
Author Notes: I'm actually kind of happy with this. I have 2/3 done on this. yay Me!
Summary: Kurt Just finds out He's Preggo
Word Count: 5,101

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All the Small things 1/3

Title: All the Small Things 1/3
Character(s)/Pairing(s): eventual Puck/Kurt, Mercedes, Finn, Sarah & mama Puckerman
Genre: AU
Warning: minor rape details,Mpreg,Language
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not my guys, I don't know them, I'm just using their names and places. I make No profit on this.
Author Notes: I'm actually kind of happy with this. I have 2/3 done on this. yay Me!
Summary: Kurt Just finds out He's Preggo
Word Count: 5,964

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Summary: sex
Disclaimer: Not my guys, I don't know them, I'm just using their names and places. I make No profit on this.
Author's Note: First smut i ever wrote, so it's probably bad.
Warnings: Breath Play!! Bare-backing. Not beta'd

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Footsteps (3) following the previous

Luke and Ethan get home to the Lily pad only to see the girls sitting outside, looking miserable. Luke was starting to really worry to no end about his siblings well beings. Faith looked up and saw her two brothers heading towards them, then yelled to Luke,

"Don't go inside unless you want to see something gross and disturbing! I'll never get it out of my head!" Luke just raised his eyebrow at Faith in a silent question. "Trust me Luke, you don't want to see it." Just then Luke heard the moaning coming from inside and Luke made a face, trying to avoid even glancing toward the house.

"Seriously? Right in the living room? Seriously? Ugh! Okay that's gross, never sitting on that couch again. Hey Ethan, go get into the car, I'll buckle you in, in a minute okay?" Ethan just nodded, not wanting to make Luke sad again, and ran to Luke's car. Nat, Faith, Ethan and I were wondering if you girls wanted to do something, just us four, I don't kn..."

"YES!!" Both of them ran to Luke's car, Natalie sitting in the back beside Ethan and helped buckling him in so Luke wouldn't have to do it and Faith getting in the front seat. Luke stood there dumbfounded at his sisters' reactions, but he supposed he couldn't blame them. He saw Faith looking at him waiting for him to join them, he held up his index finger to tell her he'd be there in a second, then showed her his phone to tell her he was texting Lily that he had the kids. Luke was seriously thinking he needed to spend more time with them seeing as their mother seems to be forgetting she has kids, And their father seems to forget that he also has children who live right here in Oakdale that needed him. Ethan has a class trip that Holden promise Ethan he would go with him as a chaperon, but that was looking like it wasn't going to be true since Molly and Holden left town for a bit to get away from everyone especially Lily and now the cops, plus Abigail had mentioned that she couldn't get to Oakdale for the wedding, so they went to see her. Shaking his head, Luke headed to his car and got in the driver's side.

"Okay, so what do we want to do? We can get some dinner and go see a movie? Or what do you guys want to do?" Luke looks at Faith, then in the backseat at the other two.

Faith looked at Luke, "let's get some food first, then we can decide while we're eating?"

"Good idea, what's for dinner though?" Natalie & Ethan looked at each other then at Luke, "AL'S!" they both shouted at the same time, making Luke and Faith chuckle. Faith looked at Luke, "Al's it seems to be, step on it! Before we become dinner!" all of them laughed, and Luke started the car and backed out of the driveway, heading towards Oldtown.

Natalie asked if they could put on the radio even though it wasn't a long drive, but Luke turned it on anyway. Nat got excited when she realized what song was on, it was one of her favourites, Colbie Cailiat's 'falling for you'. Luke had to admit this song suited how he was feeling toward Dr. Oliver, he just couldn't get him out of his head and Luke seriously felt like he has falling hard for Reid but had trouble telling him.

Just as the song was ending, Luke pulls into a parking spot. Shuting off the car, everyone got out of the car, Natalie had helped unbuckle Ethan. Faith and Nat lead the way into Al's as Ethan grabbed Luke's hand and they followed.

"So what does everyone want to eat?" looking around, Luke saw his sisters roll their eyes at him like he's a fool.

"Hamburgers, duh!"

"Okay, you two are creeping me out with this in sync... stuff. Yeesh!"

"And you call yourself a writer?" Faith said in disbelief, eyeing Luke.

"No...not anymore I don't, I haven't written anything in ages."

"Bull, I've seen you writing in a notebook and don't tell me it's "work", I won't buy it. And you're not very subtle, no matter how hard you try, you're never gonna top grandmother and her ninja abilities." Faith responded back using quotation fingers, and a sarcastic voice.

"Okay, fine, I'm writing in a notebook, but it's not for the sake of writing a story. It's something completly different." a waitress came over to their table to take their orders just as Luke finished that, saving him from the question he knew was coming. "Oh good, hey, yea I think we're ready to order." Faith ordered her hamburgur first then Nat, and Luke ordered his, then Ethan, wanting to be a big boy did his own ordering, looking extremly happy to have got to do that all by himself

"Mommy and daddy won't have let me do that by myself" he all but gushed about it. Luke half smiled at him, trying to forget just how little their parents let them do. He knows they love them, but sometimes they have strange ways of showing it, or well at the moment, not showing it.

"So what are we going to do when were done?" Luke mentally thanked Natalie for getting him out of his head.

"I don't know, what do you guys want to do?"

"Shwimmin'?" Ethan asked, kinda hopeful.

"It's to chilly for that tonight little man, and it'll be to dark, but another time I'll take you okay?" He looked a little disappointed by that but then he started playing with his dinosaurs he always carries with him, and everyone was silent, save for Ethan's roaring sounds.

"Oh yummy!" looking over, Luke saw the food & drinks on the way. Once everyone had their food, it was quiet for a few minutes while they started eating. Then Faith spoke up.

"I know it's lame, but we can go see a movie?"

"Yea but which one? Ethan's here to, and Luke has him for the night."

"Wait, What? When did I get Eth for the night? I wasn't aware of this. Mom knows I'm going to be staying elsewhere." Luke looked at Natalie, puzzled. He had no problem spending time with him or the girls but he was planning on getting a room at The Lakeview for the night. He wanted time to think and be alone. Among other things.

"Mom said that her and Craig are going to Chicago for a date night and told Craig that you would have Ethan all night, Natalie would be with Sage and I'm going to the farm."Luke just stared at Faith like she has two heads and six arms. Now he's starting to get pissed off.

"Nat? When is Carly expecting you to be there?" Luke turned to look at her, she just shrugged.

"Whenever you call to let her know you're dropping me off, I guess. Sorry." she bit her lip and looked down, looking close to tears.

"Hey, hey Nat, no, it's your fault, no need to apologize, I'm not mad, I have no problems dropping you off there, just let me know when you want to go okay? Same to you Faith, let me know when you want to go to the farm." Faith nodded picking up a couple fries and eating them, Ethan sat there still eating, looking up at Luke every once in a while, Natalie and Luke both stopped eating. "Anyone up to seeing 'Toy Story 3'?"

"I am!! Can we get popcorn as well? I love movie sheeter popcorn!" Ethan bounced up and down in his seat, excitedly. The girls giggled at the wat Ethan says theater, Luke just smiled.

"Sure little man, we can some popcorn, Nat, Faith? You girls interested?"

"Sure" they both spoke in unison with each other yet again, Luke was just a little creeped out.

"Please stop that. It's really starting to creep me out." Luke picked up his coke and took a drink, Ethan followed suit.

"You're just jealous that we can do that and you can't, so hah!" Luke almost choked on his pop at the looks his sisters were giving him. Ethan giggled at Luke.

"Okay, who's ready to go? Ethan do you need to go to the bathroom, no? Okay, I'm gonna go pay for this then we can walk to the theater and check out times. Don't disappear on me. I don't want to get in trouble for losing anyone."

"Like Mom would even noticed, and Dad's not even in Oakdale, you're the only one who cares about us, you're busy with your life yet still make time for us." Natalie ranted, the rebel in her starting to appear now that she's reaching teen years. Luke was not looking forward to it. He waited till Natalie was done her rant, knowing it's better to let her get it off her chest, knowing first hand what its like to keep it locked away. "I mean I get that dad has three other kids but they're all older and can take care of themselves, ans Abby didn't even want them to come out to see her right now, now he won't be home to go with Ethan on his trip, or take me riding like he promised me. both grandmothers are also to busy to spend time with us now to." Natalie was crying by the time she finished and Luke's heart just broke for her.

"Okay, I think we need to talk just you and me Nat. Faith, do you think you can take Ethan to see the movie times and then to the playground for a little bit? Please?" Faith nodded and took Ethan's little hand in hers, and left Al's. Luke looked to Natalie, motioned his head towards the door in a 'let's go' manner. Natalie got up, and followed Luke out of Al's, kind of embarassed with herself, but she couldn't help it, once she started it just kept going and felt good to say it, even if she regrets it now.

"I'm sorry, Luke, I shouldn't have said that, I just couldn..."

"Natalie, don't apologize for how your feeling okay? I'd rather you tell me, and get it off your chest, bottling emotions hurts. Let's go sit in the car okay, and everything we say in the car, stays in the car and between us."

"So you won't tell mom or dad what I said?" She perked up at the thought that her brother would talk and listen to her and not judge her. Her tears had stopped, and she felt a bit lighter.

"Nope, not a word, unless I think you're hurting yourself, but other then that, nothing you say will reach mom or dad's ears. This is all you and me, your chance to speak your mind to me, Ask me anything, whatever." they reached the car, and both climbed in.

"Now I don't know what to do or say... Thank you, Luke, I guess is as good a start as any. Like I said earlier, it's like your the only one who makes time for us, and you have a foundation to run, and the shipping thingy, yet if we need you, you're there. It may not be deemed as of importance to dad that he's supposed to go with Ethan or riding with me, they're minor things to him, but Ethan was so excited to go with dad, but now he can't. And I know riding can be done pretty much anytime but i was so looking forward to just me and dad time. And than the time they took Faith out to wherever it was to try to help her with her addiction, they didn't even say goodbye to us! They just fucking left! Sorry!" Natalie clapped a hand over her mouth, looking shocked that she said that.

"Don't worry, I won't tell." Natalie smiled at him. Luke's cell went off telling him he had a message, he opened it, It was from Faith,

"Ethan and me are staying at the theater, there's an arcade and we wanted to play games, movie starts at 8:15" Luke looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:43 so they had a bit of time still. He messaged her back saying they'll be there soon and to please keep Ethan busy. He looked back at Natalie.

"Okay, Butterfly, carry on if you wish" he smiled at her and she grinned, loving that Luke used her nickname that only he was allowed to call her, all of them had their own from Luke, and it was Luke's to them only, no one else.

"Um.. Oh yea, how they left without saying bye. Ethan cried the whole time, Grandma couldn't calm him down, he kept saying he wanted mommy and Daddy. He literally cried himself to sleep that night, almost got sick from crying so much. Then everything after that was just, Ugh! So stupid! and don't get me started on mom, I love her, I do, but her actions and behaviour needs brushing up, and that's being nice, she thinks Faith needs help but really, so does mom. And then she goes on and on and on about how you and Noah should be together since you're apparently supposed to be the "Gay Holden and Lily" which um no, you guys may think none of saw how he treated you, even before he was blind, you don't deserve that. You deserve so much better then the constant "I want you, I don't want you, I love you, I don't love you, I need you, I don't need you anymore crap Noah's out you through." Natalie looked at Luke as she said that, sincerity in her eyes, Luke tried to avoid crying, he was supposed to be helping his Butterfly feel better.

"Thank you, Luke. You're a really great brother and friend." She leaned over in her seat and hugged Luke tightly. "I feel a lot better now. Thanks." she smiled brightly at him and he smiled back. "Can we go to the arcade with them now?"

"Of course, and hey Butterfly? Anytime you need to talk to me, just tell me okay? Don't bottle it up, it really hurts. I'm always here for you." Natalie grinned, "I hope I'm as awesome as you when I get to your age."

"You already are awesome, Nat." Grinning, she got out of the car, and waited for Luke to meet her before she hugged him proper this time.

She knew she was already following in Luke's Footsteps.


In My Uncle's Footsteps

Katie looked over at Reid who was still watching Luke wander away, making it very obvious to her that he has feeling for the older Snyder.

"So, is he still just a spoiled rich brat to you?" Katie asked Reid in hopes he would open up to her.

Reid looks down at her, smirking. "Yes, he is still a spoiled rich brat, but, Okay, I can't believe I'm gonna admit this to you, but I've fallen in love with him."

Katie squealed and jumped up and down, clapping her hands like a child being told they're going to Disney World. Reid rolled his eyes & covered his ears, while Jacob tried turning in his buggy to see the source of the noise.

"Katie, your going to make me and the Kid deaf if you don't stop squealing. And it'll attract Doogie Hughes, so please, shut up. I don't want to deal with anymore Hughes' while I can avoid it" Katie stopped squealing and jumping only to glare at Reid.

"I didn't squeal, I was just expressing my joy...rather loudly... but it wasn't squealing. And I KNEW it! You do have feelings for him! I so called it!" Reid just rolled his eyes again and looked at Jacob.

"Hey Sport, never ever tell Mom here that you love someone unless you wanna hear about for ever. And if you want to be deaf.. ow." Jacob just looked at Reid with his own set of Snyder eyes, the exact same as Luke's. "Damn you Snyders and your eyes. Gets me everytime, so not fair."

Giggling, Katie watched Reid talking to her son. "So you can't avoid the 'Snyder Eyes' huh?" still smirking at Reid

Reid just glared and stood up and started pushing Jacob's buggy. "Can we just.. stop talking? And just keep walking, I want to get home and make something to eat."

It was Katie's turn to roll her eyes. "Ugh! you're going to make another sandwich? Gross! Can't we do something together for dinner? Please?"

Reid raised an eyebrow and looking questioningly at Katie. "Okay firstly, I'm gay, and you are not a man, secondly, what gives you the impression that I do family..." Reid stopped walking, throwing his arms around like a maniac, "..Stuff? I'm not like that."

Katie stopped walking completely, only to laugh hard then she'd laugh in a long time. Reid looked at her curiously, then turned to face Jacob and nelt down. "Do you want to ask the question or do I have to, Jacob?" Reid questioned the Kid. Jacob looked up at him with confusion in his litte eyes. "Damn those eyes, and of course you're going to make me do all the talking. Brat." Katie stood there still giggling and was now amused at Reid and Jacob's connection to each other. Reid looked back at Katie.

"What? What on earth was so funny about what I said? It wasn't meant to be funny." Katie just started giggling again.

"Oh my God, Reid," giggling, she tried talking again, "Okay, what's funny about the was everything. You saying that you don't do family stuff while you're walking with me and Jacob, you know, the two people you consider family here, your 'sister' and 'nephew'. Yet "Uncle" Reid doesn't do family stuff, but you're the one that actually got Jacob's buggy and Jacob ready for a walk in the park. And then when at home, yes Reid, home," Katie repeated the word home after seeing the small smile that came on Reid's face, "It's your home with us, you helped make it a stronger home. You help me get Jacob ready in the morning, you help me put him to bed, and you love him to death, I know you do. you sing to him, read to him, hell I caught you dancing with him a couple times when he couldn't sleep. You're such a family man but don't seem to see it. And I know you love me too, you've showed me in so many little ways."

Reid stood there, listening to everything Katie was saying, swallowing back tears because Dr. Reid Oliver does not cry. Crying's for children & women, not men.

"..Um.." Reid cleared his throat and tried again, "Can we head home now? Please? I think Jacob got bored of that speech and is now asleep."

"Sure. Let's go." Katie started walking while Reid started pushing the buggy again, Katie smiled knowing Reid really liked hearing what she said to him, and knowing he loved hearing 'Uncle Reid' but didnt know how to express his feelings.

"So Uncle Reid, did you think that i didn't see the little doctor's kit box you got. Is that for Jacob? Trying to help him decide to be a doctor while young?"

"Inspiring life career oppurtunities. Get them while they're young." Reid smiled.

"Maybe he'll follow in his Uncle's footsteps." Katie smiled, and just continued walking beside Reid. To their home.


In my brother's footsteps

Luke Snyder sits on a park bench, but he's not sitting there for no reason and he's not moping. Nope, he's on babysitting duty. Damn his parents for being involved in really stupid messes. Lily bringing Gabriel into the house and now has Craig hounding her and trying to persue her, although Luke thinks it's just Craig being Craig and manipulating women into thinking he loves them so he can get what he want, which in this case, it's to get to Gabriel. And Holden is planning a wedding, & Luke would have been happy for him if it didn't seem like it was being rushed now.

Luke looks up at the playground to see where Ethan went, seeing Ethan just sitting in the sand, staring at Luke, seemingly thinking about something. Luke was worried about his siblings, they dont seem to be getting a lot of attention from anyone in the family anymore, and Luke knew he was just as guilty, being caught up in the love triangle he was in the center of. He vowed to spend more time with his siblings in hope that they feel safe with having at least one stable person in their life.

Ethan continued to stare at Luke for a few more minutes before his stood up and walked over to him, and sat down beside him, then started to talk to him,
"Luke? Can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can, little man, what's up?"

After tilting his head sideways, and his eyes shifting side to side like Luke's do when he's guilty or nervous, Ethan spoke, "Um, How come we never See Nowah anymore?"

Looking at Ethan with a sad smile on his face, he answered "We don't see Noah anymore because me and Noah aren't seeing each other anymore, we broke up. and I think I love someone else"

"Is that why your sad all the time now? Or always at the hospital? Is the new man you love a doctor?" Ethan was looking at Luke with his big innocent Snyder eyes, which showed Luke how sad and curious he was.

"I'm not sad all the time, I'm happy right now spending time with you, and besides your still a kid, have fun, go play, you don't need to sit here and be bored"

"But it's not fun when you don't look happy, I don't like seeing you sad, you shouldn't be sad." Ethan's eyes started shining with tears, ready to be spilt.

"Hey, hey, Come here Ethan," Luke opened his arms for Ethan to come sit on his lap and hug him, "No need to cry, you shouldn't be sad either, and your only five, how did you get to be so caring?" Luke tickled Ethan's stomach.

Sniffling, and then letting out a little giggle, Ethan looked up at Luke and smiled, "I learned from you."

Luke sat there, stunned at what his brother said. "You learned from me?"

"Yep, your so cool! And real nice to people, and you don't like seeing people hurt, and try to fix everything so that everyone is happy, and I wanna be just like you!"

Luke tried not crying at what Ethan said to him, but it made him feel much better knowing that someone loves him unconditionally and looks up to him, and seems to always have.

"Hey Eth? What do you say we go home find Nat and Faith, and do something with them tonight? Just the four of us?"

"What would we do?"

Maybe get some dinner at Al's then see a movie?"

"Okay!" Jumping down from Luke's lap, Ethan held out his hand to be held. "I love you, Luke."

Smiling, and taking Ethan's hand, Luke awswered backed, "I love you to, Ethan"

As the brothers walked off, they didn't notice the trio that had heard the whole conversation.

Anyone Know

What happened to A Story about Victoria Asher's Family Being Killed & She's The God Mother Of their 16/17 yr son. I Forget the Author & Name Of The Story. The Kid's Name Was A Different kind of name, & He starts Dating Nate, & Vicky & Alex Are Engaged.
If Anyone Know What im Talking about & Can Help me Thanks & I'll Love U For An Eternity!

Trying To Find A Fic...

I BELIEVE It was written Be </a></b></a>impertinence & I Think It was Called Wonderwall...   If Not, All I Remember Is that it's a Brendon/Ryan Story about Brendon Stuttering.  Speaking Of Stuttering, There's Another One I'm Looking For & It's Called "Stutter Something Profound." If Anyone Can Help I'll Love You FOREVER!! Seriously!!  I miss These Stories.

Planet Love (1)

Title: Planet Love [1]
Author: makeapanicscene and yay_for_gays
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Gabe/?
POV: Switches
Summary: Two worlds mixed into one.. See for yourself =D
Disclaimer: We dont own anything, yo
Author Notes: This is our new inspiration. Hope you like!
Ooh! Butterfingers!Collapse )